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Adding your first test

Let's talk you through the first contribution. You'll write a small unit test for a built-in function. This will get you through the process of contributing and get you familiar with how to get code into Darklang.

We're assuming you've got the repo is set up and the builder script is running (or if you're running the devcontainer in VSCode, that the devcontainer is running)!

Adding the test

We keep a list of functions which need tests an the Test Every Function issue - pick your favorite.

As an example, let's add one for Float::add_v0.

Unit tests for Darklang functions are in backend/testfiles/execution/*.tests", typically named after the module we're in (e.g., in this case, we want float.tests). See testfiles/ to see detailed notes on the options of how to write tests. An example test is:

Float.multiply_v0 26.0 0.5 = 13.0

This tests the function Float::multiply_v0 by giving it parameters and an expected result. We can write much more complicated functions too

Let's make one for Float::add_v0:

Float.add_v0 26.0 0.5 = 26.5

Add this to float.tests, save the file, and it should automatically recompile and run the test.

(If you're running the container in VSCode, run ./scripts/run-fsharp-tests --filter-test-list float instead)

Great, we're done!