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Making your first Pull Request

Right now you've got uncommitted code, let's get that into a Pull Request on GitHub.

Formatting the code

We use a code formatter on all our files, and this is tested during CI on all PRs. To format, call scripts/formatting/format format. There is also a git hook you can use.

Set up your fork

Darklang uses a fork model for contributions, like many GitHub projects. Go to the Dark repo in your browser and click fork to add a fork.

Then change your local repo to use the fork:

git remote rm origin
git remote add origin


Finally commit and push

git add backend
git commit -m "Add test for List::member"
git push --set-upstream origin first-contribution

Make the Pull Request

Go back to GitHub and make a pull request. Here's a good message for your pull request:

"Hi - this is my first pull request. I noticed that List::member didn't have any tests so I added one."

While this doesn't follow our Pull Request guidelines, it's fine for a first contribution (and you can ignore the PR template too for now).

And that's your first PR - congratulations!

(Note that if you haven't signed the CLA, a bot will prompt you to do so now.)