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Making a Pull Request

Code Checklist

  • Never change an existing Dark standard library function. Make a new one (with a new version) and deprecate the old one. It is however safe to fix the type signature on an existing function, or to change its docstring.
  • Don't change existing serialized types, as that breaks the serializer. Serialized types are in and have [@@deriving ... bin_io] next to their type definitions.
  • The code rendering step (FluidEditorView.toHtml) is extremely performance sensitive, and it's important that we don't add any steps that checks the entire AST on each token. Doing passes of the AST at the start (not in the loop) is fine.

Writing a successful Pull Request message

When writing a pull request, there are some steps you can take to make it easier to accept the contribution.

  • explain the problem you're solving. If this is explained elsewhere, link to it
  • explain how your solution addresses the problem
  • highlight any choices you've made in the implementation
  • make clear what the product and user-facing changes are, especially if it could break anything for existing users
  • if the change is in the editor, include a before/after screenshot or GIF

Highlighting these will make it much easier to know that this code is safe. The pull request template asks for these.