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Unique Aspects

Darklang being connected to the editor and infrastructure allows for unique language functionality.

Play & Replay Buttons

The language being connected to the editor and infrastructure allows interactive functions.

  • Functions that do not have side effects (like Int::add) run automatically.
  • Functions with side effects have play buttons. Press the play button to execute the function for the selected trace.


The replay icon indicates the function has been executed already. Pressing it executes the code for the trace again.


Replay an entire handler for the selected trace (including all functions within the handler) in the upper right. This would replay DB::generateKey and DB::set.


Function Versioning

You can see that many standard library items are labeled “v3” or “v1” in the editor. These refer to the version of the function. When you start a new canvas, you will always have the latest versions. If we upgrade, you’ll have the choice to do so, but can continue to use the old ones.