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Darklang Release 6

October 1, 2022

See the blog post for further discussion.

Major features

Support for negative ints and floats

  • Turn existing ints and floats negative by typing - in front (#4498)

  • Type negative ints and floats from scratch (#4497)

  • Edit partials and turn them into ints and floats (including negatives) (#4497)

Show function deprecation info

  • Display why functions are deprecated (#4491)

Expression backspacing/conversion

When you delete an if, match, or lambda (\) with one expression, replace it with that expression (#4457)

Editor improvements


Tuples are in preview - enable them in Settings/Contributor Settings

  • Show Tuple2 and Tuple3 functions in the autocomplete (#4482)

  • Add tuple pattern autocomplete completion (#4465)

  • Allow copy/pasting tuple patterns (#4469)

  • Allow you to press ) to go over a tuple's closing parenthesis (#4454)

  • Put cursor at start of blank tuple pattern when removing elements (#4455)

  • Don't allow tuple pattern parts to be overwritten by literals (#4453)


  • indent one more space to line up multiline strings (#4477)

  • show slight background in strings to help see how they line up (it's subtle!) (#4479, #4477)

Live values

  • Show live values for lambdas properly (actually trace them and then display them)) (#4456)

  • Display a lambda's runtime value as a live value (#4456)

  • Show live values for literals instead of a spinner (#4491)

  • Correctly show analysis for partials (the old value) (#4491)

  • Show the correct live value for let definitions and record field names (#4491)

  • Show pipe live value for current pipe entry (#4491)

  • Don't spin when there's a pipe in a blank (#4491)


  • Fix some standard library function descriptions - typos and punctuation (#4491)

  • Better UI when a function has no description (affects functions in the package manager) (#4491)

  • Fix fluid pattern autocomplete flashing (#4462)

  • Fix bug when going further than 3 places down in the autocomplete for patterns (#4462)

  • Don't confuse secrets and datastores (#4491)

Misc Small fixes

  • Fix a few places secrets weren't hidden (#4456)

  • Allow users to use deprecated functions they already use in more cases (#4482)

  • Error messages use less ugly representation of dicts and lists (#4456)

  • Hide irrelevent GC error in analysis (#4505, #4483, #4449)

  • When a handler's route changes, update "open-in-new-window" to use the new route (#4502)

  • don't insert 0 when copy/pasting from the start of ints in patterns (#4492)

  • Don't create empty patterns when creating match (#4469)

  • put the cursor in right place after a string edit (#4497)

  • convert partials to ints and floats (#4497)

  • fix broken floats automatically (#4497)

Standard library changes

  • Add Uuid::parse_v0 and deprecate String::toUUID (#4480)

Internal improvements

  • The dark repo is now tagged for each release

  • Add IDs to debugger AST view (#4491)

  • A number of fixes related to lambdas (#4456)

  • Rebrand 'pattern' as 'match pattern' throughout client codebase (#4487)

  • Refactor function representation (#4485)

  • Use IDs more (#4480)