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Darklang Release 9

January 1, 2023

See the blog post for further discussion.

Language and Standard Library

  • Support short-circuiting || and && expressions (#4640, #4644, #4674, #4676)


    • deprecate old || and && functions image

    • add convert-to-short-circuiting command for migrating

  • Add List::partition_v0 function to split a list into 2 lists (#4618)

    Note: tuples are currently in 'preview,' and this returns a tuple. Enable them in Settings/Contributor Settings to use this function.

  • Fix lambda argument names for List::all_v0 (#4626)

  • Add functions that operate on characters (#4628):

    • Char::isUppercase_v0
    • Char::isLowercase_v0
    • Char::toUppercase_v1
    • Char::toLowercase_v1
    • Char::isDigit_v0
    • Char::isASCII_v0
    • Char::isASCIILetter_v0
  • Allow using Char as a function parameter type and return type (#4628)

  • Standard library functions that take lambdas have default names provided for the lambda arguments (#4626)

Editor Improvements

  • Update the styling of the Settings/Invite page (#4643)


  • Start using a nice non-monospace font (Source Sans Pro) in the editor, starting with Settings pages (#4640, #4656)

    Source Sans Pro paragraph

Contributor Experience

  • Add more debugging functions in the client codebase (#4640)

Internal improvements

  • Merge F# backend code (in fsharp-backend) into backend directory (#4639)

  • Experimentally start storing some traces in Cloud Storage instead of the DB (#4652)

  • Add internal function that returns the git hash of the server's current/latest deploy (#4649)

  • Check for serialization errors before starting up servers (#4650)

  • Moved and certificates to Google Certificate Manager.

  • Remove unused cloud infrastructure including IP addresses, disks, backups, and IAM roles.

  • Include Dark client version in ApiServer exception tracking (#4645)

  • Use rescript-webapi instead of our Native.res (#4630)

  • Use Tailwind in the Settings view (#4623)

  • Rename Match Pattern cases in preparation for Let Patterns (#4622, (#4629))

  • Rename "Analysis" F# project to "Wasm" (#4671)

  • Remove old ApiServer POST endpoints that are no longer used (#4620)

  • Remove unused config variables (#4651)