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Darklang Release 8

December 1, 2022

See the blog post for further discussion.


  • Speed up editor load by preloading first API requests (#4574)


  • Add transparent Dark logos (#291)

  • Correct documentation of how code is formatted via terminal (#294)

  • Fix some links to Darklang code (#293)

  • Update to Docusaurus 2.2 (#292)

Contributor experience

  • Remove all remnants of OCaml files and tooling (#4594)

  • Update both development and production containers to Ubuntu 22.04 (#4118)

  • Improve build reliability (especially for WSL users) by removing setup steps on the container host (#4581)

Internal improvements

  • Extracted most client-facing backend types to central "ClientTypes" project. This allows for safe adjustments of those types without leaking into our domain logic (#4542)

  • Improve how we ensure backend JSON-serializable types are tested for consistent serialization (#4588)

  • Update ReScript to version 9.1.4 (#4570)

  • Use Tailwind in many more places (#4591, #4601, #4610)

  • Make integration tests more reliable when using non-fluid entry boxes (#4578)

  • Add --loop to integration tests to find flaky tests (#4592)

  • Fix deployment when no deploy locks are present (#4576)

  • Scale down even when cert-manager containers are present (#4617)