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Terms of Service / SLA

Code of conduct / Terms of service

Darklang does not yet have defined terms of service. As such, we make no promises at all about any aspect of our service, including keeping the service or your programs running.

We may disable your account at any time with no notice for any reason. If we disable your account, we may give you access to migrate off, or to resolve the issue in our service. We may not. If you're an asshole about it, act in bad faith in your dealings with us or the community, have violated the Code of Conduct, or if we're especially busy, we are less likely to do so. It is entirely up to us whether we do this or not, and we choose not to do this for any reason.

Service Level

We make a best-effort attempt to keep the service up and running at all times. We recommend Darklang not be used for essential services needing 99% or more uptime, though we typically achieve that. We make no promises at all regarding uptime, and have no obligations to any customer or user in this regard.

We recommend that an individual canvas makes no more than 10 requests per second.

We may disable part or all of a Darklang canvas which is causing issues for us (e.g. operational, legal, etc).

Darklang has short downtime approximately four times a year when our hosted DB provider (Google Cloud SQL) performs maintenance. This is scheduled for Tuesdays around 8am PST, and often lasts as little as 30 seconds. We usually notify the #status channel in our Discord in advance, and as it happens.