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Sample Canvases

We've created a set of sample canvases as examples of how build things in Darklang.

Common Functionality

conditionals - if statements in Darklang

cron - a CRON set to run every 1 minute

setcrontorunatspecifictime - a CRON set to run at a specific time

datastoremigration - migrating from an old datastore to a new datastore

formathtml - examples of HTML formatting within Darklang

match - match statements in Darklang

pipeline - example of a pipeline

randompluck - a function that returns a random result

returns - a variety of samples of returns

square - shows how to implement a simple function to square an input


slack - common Slack functions

slackmessaging - posting a message to a Slack channel

slackmodal - incorporating a model into your Slackbot

slackoauth - integrating with Slack's OAuth

slacksigning - using a Slack signing secret

slackslashcommand - using a Slack slash command

magiceightball - a full magic eight ball Slackbot

For a full Slackbot walk-through, click here.


signin - an office sign-in that texts upon arrival

textreminder - get texted reminders

For a full Twilio tutorial, click here.

Misc. Integrations

airtable - examples of common Airtable API calls

discord - an Overwatch team comp Discord bot

freshdesk - examples of common Freshdesk API calls

github - examples of common GitHub API calls

mailchimp - sending a Mailchimp campaign

oauth - using Gmail's OAuth flow

signing - AWS signing

sendgrid - sending emails with the SendGrid API

twitter api oauth 1.0 - using Twitter's OAuth 1.0 flow

Full Sample Projects

emojimood - use emojis to express your mood!

fizzbuzz - solving FizzBuzz in Darklang

login - a full login flow

onboarding - example of an easy to build project for learning Darklang

If you've built something you'd like featured as a sample canvas, let us know by emailing